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Food Pantry--Our  council supports the Food Pantry of St. Ambrose Church. We collect food all year round and donations may be dropped off at the Council anytime during normal business hours. Cash donations are also graciously accepted.


Columbiettes Annual Charity Ball--Held each year around Valentines Day, this event is used by the Columbiettes as a major fund raiser to support various charities. In addition to a full dinner, many prizes are raffled off.


Community Maternity Services--Twice a year, at Thanksgiving and Christmas, monies are raised to support this Catholic Charities organization which provides much needed services to mothers and children in need.


Other Charitable Donations-- We  support many other charitable endeavors that request our monetary assistance such as St Coleman's Hope, Our Lady of Hope Home, Bishop's Burse, Cerebral Palsy Telethon, etc.

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