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Columbiettes Annual Charity Ball--Held each year around Valentines Day, this event is used by the Columbiettes as a major fund raiser to support various charities. In addition to a full dinner, many prizes are raffled off.


$50 Raffle--A raffle with total prizes worth $8,800 and a top prize of $5,000 is held each July. This event is the prime source of income to pay our school and local property taxes. There are only 400 tickets available at $50 each for this drawing. To purchase a ticket click here.


 Daily $.50 Drawing--Each day a drawing is held at the Social Parlor for a progressive jackpot raffle. All members are eligible for the prize but you must stop by the Social Parlor and make a purchase and contribute $.50 to the pool.

THE PROCESS:  Each member has been assigned an ID#.  Every night,  a member's number is drawn.  If that member is signed-in for that day, he or she will have won the amount of the pool.  If the member whose number is drawn  has not signed-in,  the amount collected for that day will roll over to the next day and continue doing so until a member who has signed in has his/her number drawn.


Used Clothing Drop-Off Shed--We have a entered into an agreement with St. Pauly's

Textiles Inc., a Western NY based, family owned for-profit company and an A+ member

of the Better Business Bureau. Their goal is to get USEABLE clothing to people who can

use it, here in the U.S. and in developing countries, while having a meaningful impact in

our local communities. The shed is located at the back of our parking lot, located at

328 Troy-Schenectady Rd. in Latham. The money raised from this project is used to

support both the Knights an Columbiettes in their charitable endeavors.


What to Drop-off:

Used Clothing, shoes, sneakers, belts, purses, linens, pillowcases,

blankets, curtains, and stuffed animals.


What Not to Drop-off:

Furniture, electronics, household items, books, toys, garbage, pillows, rags, and

fabric scraps.

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